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welcome to reese land

anyway, click to see some of my work. (new: make a pocket galaxy. you can also read a pocket galaxy choose your own adventure story)

my product management
im the product manager at the texas tribune. right now i'm working on projects surrounding our website, newsletters, podcasts and workflows.

im also the newsletter writer for the news product alliance. i write a biweekly newsletter around product management + journalism. sign up.

my writing
i have reported various news stories for the texas tribune, npr, the dallas morning news and in college.

i also wrote this essay for siggyshop.

my photos

work in progress, but for now here's a photo i took of a firework. follow me on insta

oh i also shot a gallery of a protest:

my coding
i wrote and coded this essay. i made this website for a local business in north texas.

my designs
work in progress
check out this page i made tho:

say hi
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